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From Red Light / Infrared Saunas, Red Light / Infrared PODs, and CANTRIC Leg Compression, To Our Office and Our Team. Enjoy our gallery!

Welcome to CANTRIC Wellness! Experience the power of Multi-Light Chromotherapy and Infrared Therapy!

🌟 Step Behind the Curtain: Join Us on a Journey of Creation! 🌟 🎉 Celebrate Success: We are taking a moment to celebrate how far we've come. Join us as we raise a toast to the countless hours of hard work, dedication, and unwavering determination that have brought us to this incredible milestone. Are you ready to be part of something truly special? Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes glimpses, exclusive updates, and all the excitement leading up to the CANTRIC Wellness Center! #CANTRICWellness #BehindTheScenes #GrandOpening #HolisticHealth #WellnessJourney #RedLightTherapy #InfraredTherapy #RedFitiGym

Exciting News! 🎉 CANTRIC Wellness opened its doors on March 19th! 🌟 #redlighttherapy #infrared

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CANTRIC Wellness is calling all athletes of all ages!

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Rejuvapod™ Pod Offers Red Light & Infrared Therapy at CANTRIC Wellness in Plano, Texas

CANTRIC Wellness is dedicated to creating a luxurious ambiance, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, for your health, fitness, and well-being. Through a diverse array of holistic approaches, including a Full Spectrum Chromotherapy Light (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue), Powerful Radiant Near, Far & Mid-Infrared Therapy, Oxygen-Enriched Air, RECOPRO Leg Compression, and Health Coaching. Would you like one for your home? Yes for your home! Contact us for more information. ✅ Promote Weight Management Goals ✅ Relieve Stress & Improve Sleep ✅ Increase Strength & Endurance ✅ Boost Performance & Fitness Recovery ✅ Enhance & Optimize Wellness ✅ Promote Mindfulness & Mental Clarity
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